Target class level:


Class Date and Time:

Teaching materials:

Teaching materials:


Lesson focus:

Reading to obtain the gist of a text

Learning objectives:

By the end of the lesson, students will  have:

  • Read for the gist of a text

  • Practiced the speaking skill

  • Practiced the listening skill

National Curriculum Alignment:



Lesson stage



5 m

1 warm up

  • Greet students.

  • Ask questions about previous lessons.

  • Have the date written on the board.

10 m

2 brainstorming

Ask students questions related to the vocabulary lesson related to jobs.

  1. Can you remind me of some jobs we learned in the last lesson?

  2. Can you do these jobs if you don't have a high diploma?

  3. Very good! You must have a university diploma if you want to do these jobs.

Students: teacher – pilot – farmer – doctor – nurse.

Students: no

25 m

3 Reading