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In the streets of Medina in Dakar, you can see lots of people at work. Some people work in their homes, some in small shops and some work at the sides of the roads.

In one street there is a carpenter who makes tables for bar-football. In another there is a poster artist. He makes pictures which advertise people's jobs. There are shops for photographers, hair-dressers, tailors and shoemakers. You can see barbers, charcoal sellers and water sellers.

Many women cook food to sell: akara, rice or grilled cassava. Some families have a restaurant. They have a few tables and chairs and they cook the food in the street. In the streets of Medina there are always things you can do. You can buy dresses, shoes, charcoal or water. You can buy food. Or you can just look at the busy life of the streets.

From Go for English 5è, P.1

Task 1: Choosing a title to the text

Task 2: Matching titles with paragraphs

Task 3: giving the main idea of the text

Task 4: Vocabulary

Task 5: True or false statements

Are the following statements true or false? Clic on True or False in the box



In Medina some people work in their own houses.



There is a mechanic in one street of Medina



People can buy food in the streets of Medina



Task 6: Referencing

Task 7: Information transfer

Task 8: Speaking

Take turns. Ask each other the following questions.

  • Do you work?

  • Does your father work?

  • What does your father do?

  • When you grow up what job do you want to do?

  • Why do you want to do this job?

Task 9: Writing

Write a paragraph with your answers to the questions of your neighbor.